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Are you suffering from an Indochina fever and one destination is not enough for you? No worries, you are not alone! Explore this amazing region and beyond with a tailor made tour. Combine cultural treasures of Vietnam and Cambodia, go on trekking tours in the mountains of Laos and end your adventure on a dream beach in Thailand. Everything is possible – we realize your travel wishes. 

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14 days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $2199
Culture Cruise

Indochina Explorer

Highlights Tour from Hanoi to Siem Reap

Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia in 14 days. Experience Hanoi, Saigon and the temples of Angkor Wat

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16 Days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $2599
Cruise Culture Beach

City Life, Temple & Beach

From Hanoi via Angkor Wat to South Vietnam

A private trip with Halong Bay Cruise & Angkor temples - then a well deserved beach break in the south of Vietnam. Let's go!

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12 Days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $2599
Cruise Culture


Culture splash

Vietnam & Cambodia Culture, Cruise & City Life in 12 days. Explore Angkor Wat, Mekong Delta & Ha Long Bay by Cruise & Kayak

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14 Days
Artboard 18 VietnamThailand
from $2399
Wildlife Cooking-Class Beach Active Cruise

Family Adventure with Elephants

Discovery trip for the young and the young at heart

Two weeks of Vietnam and Thailand adventures with kids & elephants!

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19 Days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $3099
Active Culture Beach Cooking-Class Cruise


With kids & family

A perfect Vietnam & Cambodia Family Adventure. An extensive discovery journey for the young and the young at heart.

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12 Days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $2199
Cruise Culture Beach


Honeymoon getaway

Vietnam & Cambodia for lovers.

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19 days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $3349
SPA Cruise Beach Cooking-Class Culture Active

Indochina Balance

Eco-friendly, Detox, Culinary & Culture trip from Siem Reap

A comfort and pampering trip - active, detox, wellness & culinary extras on a classic route through Cambodia & Vietnam.

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21 Days
Artboard 18 CambodiaVietnam
from $3599
Eco-Escape Culture Cruise Active Cooking-Class Beach

Indochina honeymoon deluxe

Honeymoon tour from Hanoi to Angkor Wat

3-week private honeymoon journey across Indochina

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Indochina Travel Information

Individual countries of Indochina are easy to travel to for Americans, Australian, Canadian, and European citizens alike. For EU citizens, visa requirements have been eased even more in recent years and it is now much easier to obtain a tourist visa, and in some cases, no visa is needed for short stays. Southeast Asia scores with well established flight connections, making it easier to travel in and between destinations. Options here are countless, thanks to the region’s tourism boom in the last decade. Through tourism development, other public institutions are constantly being expanded and overhauled to meet demands and to promote development and economic growth.

391000 t

Cashew export


11 250 000 t

Rice export


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Khone Falls in Laos

No. 1

Best pepper

Cambodia | Kampot region

Mountains, Tropical Beaches & Culinary Sensations

Indochina describes the mainland areas of Southeast Asia, located south of China and east of India. This region thrills travelers with fascinating culture, impressive history, and largely untouched nature.

In this part of Asia, you will find yourself in a journey through time. From modern bustling cities, to old quaint towns with hundreds year old architectures beautifully preserved, then traditional villages where the original way of life persists, and the majestic ruins of ancient cities and temples that unbelievably survived through a thousand years. The region is also blessed with beautiful and plentiful nature, from mountains to rivers, lush jungles to long sandy beaches, and the world’s largest cave system.

With everything that it has to offer, many parts of Indochina are underdeveloped and untouched, which brings an amazing authenticity that you rarely experience elsewhere. This is the land of diverse cultures, diverse ethnicities, diverse religions, yet people are very friendly and live in harmony with each other.

For many travelers, eating is half of the enjoyment of exploring new countries. Indochina will surely delight your palate with its great variety of foods. One of the best ways to explore Indochina is through its food culture, either in classic restaurants, small local eateries, or at the street vendors who tempt you with delicious and aromatic delights day or night.

Indochina is amazing, but don’t just take our words. Come and check it out for yourself. No matter what your travel wishes are, Indochina would have something for you. We are here to help and support to make your wishes come true.

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Good to know

Visa Requirements
Tourist visa are easily available across all countries
Climate & best time to travel
All year round
Travel Tip
Jungle trekking in northern Thailand. Explore Lan Ha Bay, a pristine part of Ha Long Bay
Touristic Highlights
Temples of Angkor Wat, Ha Long Bay, Mountains of Sapa, Mekong Delta
Recommended travel style
Custom tour with English speaking private guide & transfers